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     Welcome to the online home of Becky Cook and Bigfoot Believers

Becky is an Idaho writer who loves to collect stories - from verbal histories to ancient ramblings. She especially loves hearing and collecting stories about interactions with the Bigfoot.

This is also the place to purchase amazing Bigfoot T shirts and of course, the latest book: Bigfoot Still Lives in Idaho which includes many never before heard stories about Bigfoot sightings here in Idaho.

Order your copy now!
Order your copy now!

Life is either an amazing, grand adventure or it is nothing at all.
Helen Keller

Good timber does not grow with ease.
The stronger the wind,
The stronger the trees.

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Bigfoot Lives
Bigfoot Still Live
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The latest book, BIGFOOT STILL LIVES in Idaho is now available through this website and I am looking forward to my readers' response. Bigfoot Lives! is a compilation of true-life encounters with Bigfoot in Idaho. Interested? Take a sneak preview now.

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