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Davinci Evolution Walk With Big Foot Davinci 2 Big Foot Does Not Believe In You Night Vision Patti Lives Big Foot Fishing
Walking With Bigfoot Convention T-Shirt

There are only a few limited sizes available for this t shirt and when they are gone, they are gone!




Bigfoot Doesn't Believe In You T-Shirt

This is our best seller and is perfect for folks who might be sitting on the fence about Bigfoot. The design was created by Brandon Tennant of falling Rock Productions.





Bigfoot Davinci 1 T-Shirt

This is a cartoon drawing of Bigfoot drawn as if by Davinci. There is also a second option available in this type, Davinci 2.




Bigfoot Davinci 2 T-Shirt

This is another favorite T shirt. On the top are comments folks make when the have seen a Bigfoot, at the bottom are some of the more common names that Bigfoot are called across the united States and right in the middle is a very cool drawing of a male human compared to a Bigfoot.




Patti Lives T-Shirt

Back in 1967 in the Patterson / Gimlin film there was very clear film footage taken of a female Bigfoot that came to be called 'Patty' after Roger Patterson who filmed her. Brandon Tennant took that video footage and slowed it down, blew it up, and then drew the picture of Patty.




Night Vision T-Shirt

Have you ever wondered what Bigfoot looks like through night vision goggles? Wonder no longer, the picture is here on a T shirt drawn by Brandon Tennant of Sasquatch Prints.com




Bigfoot Fishing T-Shirt

Several folks have actually seen a Bigfoot fishing and this T shirt has captured that image perfectly. Brandon Tennant of sasquatchprints.com drew this picture and it is sure to get comments when you wear it.




Bigfoot Evolution T-Shirt

Some folks figure that Bigfoot fits in the evolution pattern somewhere, they just don't know where. This T shirt addresses that issue by implying that Bigfoot simply walked out of the picture. It will make you smile!




Bigfoot Lives In Idaho (Book)

A collection of Bigfoot stories from all across Idaho from eye witnesses. If you have ever wondered what Bigfoot looks like, this is the book for you.



Bigfoot Still Lives In Idaho (Book)

This is the second book of Bigfoot sightings here in Idaho. Many of these sightings have never been seen or heard before, let alone being found in print.



Motivational Speaker For Your Event

Need a speaker for an event? Becky is available. Fees vary upon times needed as her schedule permits.